Glow Energy Public Company Ltd has recently awarded a long term service agreement (LTSA) to Ansaldo Energia for its Glow Energy Phase 5 power plant, located in Map Ta Phut Industrial Park, 200 km southeast of Bangkok, designed to generate 328 MW of electricity plus upwards of 160 tons/h of steam for local industry. Glow Energy, one of the major private electricity generators in Thailand, and majority owned by Engie, operates independent power producer and cogeneration facilities, most of which are also classified as “small power producers”.

The power plant, commissioned in 2011, consists of one Siemens SGT5-4000F gas turbine coupled to an electrical generator, heat recovery steam generator and steam turbine/generator set. The 15-year LTSA covers planned and unplanned maintenance, replacement of capital parts and remote monitoring and diagnostics for the Siemens gas turbine with inspection-only required services on the generator.

The award by Glow also recognises Ansaldo Energia’s growing local presence and capabilities in Southeast Asia, which include supporting an established full- scope LTSA in Thailand on a 2×1 combined cycle power plant equipped with Ansaldo (formerly Alstom) GT26 gas turbines.