The latest internet database to come to our attention is that of the Energy Technology Data Exchange, located at:

It is an irritatingly time-consuming process to initially register for this site, with numerous questions of apparently marginal relevance. The first time I tried to log on to the site, I failed to get through.

Once I was able to access the site, it proved to be worth the wait.

The database has a huge number of report summaries; 600 000 according to the ETDE, although I am not able to confirm that number. The reports include journal articles, conference papers and books published within the 18 ETDE participating countries.

The site covers technical aspects of energy production and use, environmental impact of energy, energy policy, R&D, economics, and energy efficiency and conservation.

Logging on to the site brings you to the search facility. The search facility is an effective one, with both basic and advanced search facilities.


Babcock & Wilcox has launched a new site for e-business. This site will provide registered users with:

• Access to a catalogue of aftermarket parts.

• Real-time quote and order processing and status information.

• Transaction archives.

Registered users are given an ID, username and password to allow entry to the secure site. Anonymous and unregistered users can view the part catalogue, but not prices or stock availaibility.