Rolls-Royce has signed a contract with EPC contractor Energyco for the supply of four gensets to a 37 MWe cogeneration plant in Kosice, Slovakia. Based on the Rolls-Royce Bergen medium speed (750 rpm) gas engine, B35:40V20AG2, the plant will provide heat and power to district energy company Teplaren Kosice (TEKO). The contract also includes a 5 year service agreement.

“One of the critical features required by TEKO was 3 minutes start to full load to comply with Slovakian grid support service requirements. This was new for us and we appreciate that Bergen Engines could commit to these requirements,” said Lubomir Fejko, Energyco project & site manager.

Hot water from the engines will be used for district heating, while steam can be produced from heat recovery steam generators, to supply industrial customers.

“Cogeneration plants based on our medium speed gas engines are a reliable alternative to coal-based plants and significantly more environmentally friendly”, said Jeff Elliott, MD, Bergen Engines.

The plant, representing Rolls-Royce’s first delivery of medium speed reciprocating engines to Slovakia, is scheduled to be commissioned early in 2019. 


…and greenhouses in Belgium and Netherlands 

Rolls-Royce has signed contracts for five greenhouse projects in Belgium and Netherlands to be powered by the new Bergen B36:45 L6 and L9 gas engines. 

These engines achieve “exceptionally low fuel consumption and emissions of NOx, CO2, SOx and particulates”, says Rolls and offer a 20% increase in power per cylinder compared with existing engines in the Rolls-Royce medium-speed range.

The contracts comprise a total of seven engines which will provide heat and power to both new and existing greenhouses. Customers include MTS de Jong Francke in Holland, and VW Tuinderijen, Tuinbouwbedrijf Marc Pittoors (TBMP), Tomato Masters and Tomw@tt in Belgium.

Rolls-Royce will be supplying and installing the complete CHP systems for the five greenhouses, consisting of generating sets, sound enclosures, exhaust gas systems including SCR and heat recovery systems, and control and protection systems.

The electrical power produced will primarily be used for greenhouse grow lights or exported to the regional grids. Heat extracted from the exhaust gas and the engine’s cooling water system will provide heating, and cleaned CO2 from the engines will be injected into the greenhouses to boost plant growth. In total, the technology achieves efficiency levels of more than 96%.

All five projects will be handed over to customers in 2018 and will be covered by long-term service and maintenance agreements with Rolls-Royce.