Bowman Power Systems Ltd has shipped its fifth microturbine-based cogeneration unit to be sold in Japan. The company has created a joint venture with Mitsui, NTT-F and Kubota, launched earlier this year, to market the company’s Micro Gas Turbine (MGT) power generation and cogeneration systems. The market in Japan is expected to be around $100 million (£70 million) by 2005.
The TG80 combined heat and power system will undergo site trials as part of a worldwide pilot programme. The company aims to be a global market leader in cogeneration and is currently developing a network of partners and distributors to manage the huge growth forecast for this sector. The trial programme is being undertaken by Kubota.
Bowman’s systems allow exhaust heat to be recovered to provide hot water, or air conditioning when coupled with an absorption chiller. Bowman is also developing the Turbogen family of small scale compact power generation systems ranging from 25 kWe to 80 kWe, for distributed power generation and for mobile power applications. These systems are based on compact turbo alternators together with associated power conditioners.