Babcock & Wilcox reports it has begun pilot-scale testing of CO2 capture at its Regenerable Solvent Absorption Technology facility near B&W PGG HQ, Barberton, Ohio. Meanwhile, MHI and Southern Company are planning to demonstrate capture (25 MW scale) at Plant Barry using the KM-CDR process, based on Mitsubishi’s KS-1 absorption/desorption solvent, claimed to promise comparatively low energy consumption.

The CO2 captured in the demonstration plant, due to start up in 2011, will be transported by pipeline and injected underground.

The capture process equipment to be supplied by MHI will include high-performance pre-capture desulphurisation and post capture compression.

In the somewhat different context of CO2 capture from gas-fired flue gas, MHI says it has provided technology to “nine commercial plants, of which five are already on-stream – making the company the leader in large-scale CO2 recovery facilities.”