In a little bit of history-making, the first European fuel cell of megawatt size is now operating in Mannheim, Germany. The plant has been installed by E.ON and FuelCell Energy Solutions at materials specialist Friatec AG. With a capacity of 1.4 MW, it is the only one of its kind in Europe to date.

A fuel cell plant delivers heat and electricity virtually without pollutants, making it an icon for the hoped-for green energy future. In terms of technology and environmental protection, fuel cells represent a promising alternative to conventional combined heat and power plants. In comparison with other decentralised technologies such as gas turbines, they use fuel far more efficiently. And as they generate power in a non- combustion process Friatec will be able to reduce its CO2 emissions by approximately 3000 tonnes a year.

E.ON and FuelCell Energy Solutions have now entered into a long- term energy partnership to offer high-performing fuel cell technology to customers in energy-intensive sectors. Karsten Wildberger, a member of the E.ON SE board of directors, commented: “Fuel cells are one of the key technologies for the clean energy world of tomorrow. The inauguration of this plant is a very special occasion for us, since such highly innovative, economical, and clean solutions are at the core of the new E.ON“.