GE Aero Energy Products is to supply the National Energy Production Corp (NEPCO) Europe with two GE LM2500+ gas turbine generators. The units, along with a 23 MW steam turbine and heat recovery steam generator will be used at a new combined cycle power plant that NEPCO will supply to the Manx Electricity Authority. The 75 MW power plant will be installed at the site of the Pulrose power station on the Isle of Man. Currently diesel generators provide all the locally-generated power and the new gas turbine plant will displace these, supplying the entire electrical requirement of the island. Surplus power can be exported to the UK mainland grid. The LM2500+ units will feature a standard combustion system and will be equipped with water injection to help control emissions. They will also feature GE’s high-speed power turbine (HSPT) which the company claims will allow greater than 38 per cent gas turbine efficiency at ISO conditions. The gas turbines will be manufactured at GE’s Ohio plant, the HSPT in Florence, Italy and the gas turbine generator sets in Norway. The packages are due to be delivered in July 2002 with commercial operation planned for February 2003.