Swagelok has produced a modular instrumentation interface and mounting system, the Kenmac 85, which comes with all the components needed to put a transmitter into service manifolds: a standard series of 2- and 4-valve manifolds for pressure and differential pressure measurement with factory installed and tested tube fittings with locking pin and gasket, instrument monoflanges (these provide isolation and vent functions for local instrument or indicator mounting), self-venting single and double purge blocks (with one venting valve, one integral filter, and one or two soft-seated check valves), electric heaters (to heat manifolds and instrument bodies), steam trace blocks (heat transmitter bodies and manifolds), seal pots (valve fitted with high-temperature graphite packing and seals) and filling connector with integral, soft-seated, check valve that bolts to the flange face of pressure transmitters. Additional components include protective cover and a choice of two mounting plate assemblies