“The new power plant needs to be capable of using a variety of differing gas compositions and methane numbers with limited gas conditioning or blending”, said Wayne Jones. “To master this, we have developed control strategies to ensure that the engines adapt to the prevailing gas configuration in real time for optimum performance.”

As fuel, the new plant uses gases derived from the liquefaction process, which can contain high inert components and, therefore, may have much lower calorific values. Thanks to their customised design, the engines will nevertheless be able to provide the required power, even at ambient temperatures of up to 48°C, MAN says.

Hajo Hoops, senior sales manager at MAN Energy Solutions, said: “This market segment has been completely dominated by gas turbines in the past, so this is a pioneering installation. We are thankful to Oman LNG for giving us the opportunity to show our MAN 51/60 gas engine is the ideal fit for this application.”

Hoops continued: “Compared to the existing plant, our engines will significantly reduce fuel consumption and GHG emissions of Oman LNG’s power plant , while our modular-design approach guarantees top-of-the-line overall availability.”