Cummins Power Generation has developed a new control system, PowerCommand, which: "eliminates engine governor, alternator voltage regulator and circuit breaker as no longer necessary."

The system controls, monitors and provides diagnostics for the key functions of gensets.

PowerCommand Control uses microprocessor-based technology, and can communicate with Windows-based software. Its integrated design eliminates the need for discrete components such as voltage regulators, governors and protective relays.

Fuel and alternator controls are integrated into a digital control system which ramps fuel injection and field excitation, minimising frequency and voltage overshoot, and reducing black smoke at start-up. Consolidation of genset and paralleling controls saves both space and cost.

Battery failure accounts for 90 per cent of start-up failures of standby gensets. Therefore, PowerCommand runs a battery load test every time the engine is started, monitors its condition, and provides advance warning of battery deterioration.