Above Image: Mochovce site


For the unit 1 upgrade, Doosan Škoda Power will supply upgraded high- and low-pressure flow assemblies, repair reusable parts such as the outer casing and the valves of the turbine set, and also upgrade the turbine control and regulation system including assembly and commissioning. The upgrade works are planned to take place during the planned shutdown in 2021.

“The modernisation of the steam turbine will increase its safety and reliability, extend the service life and significantly improve the plant’s power generation efficiency,” said power plant director Martin Mráz of Slovenské Elektrárne (owner/operator).


Above Image: Inside the Mochovce unit turbine hall


As well as the two operating units, which started up in 1998 and 1999, respectively, the Mochovce site has two further V213 type VVER- 440 reactors under construction, each with an initial installed capacity of 471 MWe.

Construction of these units, Mochovce 3 and 4, was resumed in 2008 following suspension in the 1990s due to lack of funding.

An International Atomic Energy Agency Pre-Operational Safety Review Team (Pre-OSART) team visited Mochovce 3 in November/December 2019 and identified a number of good practices, including implementation of a “novel safety system to cool the reactor even when shutdown” and “an online tool to support event classification and prognosis, in case of emergencies.”