The new energy centre will augment the grid with renewable and resilient power generation from several sources, including rooftop solar photovoltaics, batteries and CHP.

The two mtu QL EnergyPack battery storage systems, with 2.3 MWh total capacity, will provide fast, flexible, and carbon-free response to varying load demands and will act as the sole source of power at times of low demand.

The three mtu CHP systems (8V4000 GS type) will provide the main power source, with 3 MW of power in total, plus offer the added benefit of being future-ready, as they are capable of being converted to hydrogen. The two backup 1 MW mtu 16V2000 DS1250 gensets will ensure power security in the event of an emergency.

All the mtu systems and onsite solar photovoltaics are co-ordinated by a smart mtu microgrid control system consisting of two microgrid controllers operating in duty and standby mode for added resilience. The system handles both the dynamic load and power needs for optimal economics and efficiency. The energy centre will operate in parallel with, and supplemental to, the grid supply and can also operate off-grid, if required. With the mtu smart controls, the microgrid will provide energy using the best source or combination of sources at any given time.