Spectrum, of Sheboygan, Wisconsin, has launched its latest addition to the genset market: the 2000DS. Powered by a 2200 kW Detroit Diesel engine and featuring advanced electronic engine controls, worldwide demand for this new unit is already high, according to Spectrum.

The 2000DS provides 2000 kW in one step within 10 s. It is powered by a Detroit Diesel turbocharged two-cycle engine with 19.2 l of displacement. This 20 cylinder engine is rated at both 1800 r/min at 60 Hz and 1500 r/min at 50 Hz.

The brushless, rotating field generator has broadrange reconnectibility, and an electronic isochronous governor provides precise frequency regulation. The alternator provides sustained short circuit current up to 300 per cent of rated current for up to ten seconds, and this short circuit capability enables downstream circuit breakers to trip without collapsing the generator field.

The unit is equipped with electronic engine controls and several other accessories. A DDEC-3 computerized controller monitors the amount of fuel going into the system and load requirements. Standard safety shutdowns for overvoltage, high engine temperature, low oil pressure, overcrank and overspeed are included.

The genset is also equipped with an exhaust silencer, city water cooling, fuel pressure gauge, battery charger, heavy duty air cleaner and reactive droop compensator.