A new range of F G Wilson 350–450 kVA gensets has been launched, upgraded by incorporating the Perkins 2206 series of engines and replacing a range of units powererd by 2306 series engines. The order book was opened on 12 January this year.

The models affected are the P300 and P400 series, in both their prime and standby configurations.

The result, say its makers, is a genset powered by a fully electronic engine with improved emissions and fuel consumption, and lower maintenance costs through better engine monitoring, protection and control, . Its footprint is smaller than its predecessor’s owing to the increased power density of the engine. And to help ensure optimum changeover ‘smoothness’ in this product introduction, the 2206 engine has 85% commonality of parts with the 2306.

There are two variants – the ‘A’ and ‘C’ versions. The ‘C’ variant engine will comply with EU 2007 Stage II emissions legislation. The ‘A’ variant of this engine is optimised for lower fuel consumption but it is not compliant with European emissions legislation.

The new range will also have a new high ambient enclosure option, a canopy model designed for operation in high ambient environments up to 50ºC.

The new 2206 series powered models will be manufactured in Tianjin, China as well as at F G Wilson’s factory at Larne, Northern Ireland, increasing the company’s global footprint and improving lead times for dealers. Production in China is due to start in Q2 2009.