UK based Cummins Generator Technologies has launched a new model, the S4, in its Stamford range of alternators for megawatt class gensets. It is based on the well known 400 kVA HC4 model and is constructed on the same footprint but at 450 kVA features increased power density (up to 8%) and a power output uplift of 12% compared to its predecessor.

The increases have been achieved largely by the implementation of a technology makeover designated CoreCooling by Cummins. It is the first unit in the company’s S range, which covers models up to 11.2 MW, to include it and has been developed through years of in-house R&D at Cummins’ Stamford manufacturing facility and with the key benefit of experience in the field.

The essence of CoreCooling technology is the use of what Cummins calls innovative thermal, electromagnetic and mechanical components combined with an architecture and fan design that allows a whole new level of rotor cooling capacity. Core temperature is one of the major factors limiting the performance of any given rotor design.

Like the recently offered Stamford S0 and S1 products, the S4 shares the same modular flexibility that its maker believes facilitates greater compatibility with customers’ existing genset designs and makes for greater ease of assembly.

The Stamford family of alternators is designed for a wide range of industrial, marine and commercial applications and are said to be suitable for combined heat and power, critical protection and UPS, continuous power and standby as well as oil and gas auxiliary. The S4 technology is to be applied in due course to the company’s S5 and S6 ranges, to be launched in December this year and February 2017 respectively.