RWE Piller has developed a new software interface, a proprietary OPC server to allow direct communication between its UPS systems and Windows-based control systems such as Apostar AS or Uniblock-T/R/RW used for facility management and MS-Office applications.

The OPC interface renders the process data of the connected UOPS systems available to other Windows applications such as MS Access. As it is based on MS COM/DCOM technology, remote applications can also access the OPC server via a network.

  The UPS systems are connected to PC/server via the RS485 interface and an interface converter. An OPC server supports up to ten COM ports and up to 31 UPS systems can be connected to each port, so it is possible to connect up to 310 Piller UPS systems in the same network, even if they operate from different kinds of systems The user works through a Windows application including a user friendly diagnostic tool and graphics interface, allowing the status of the bus system an of the network to be visualised at all times.