Parker Filtration (of Dewsbury, in the UK) has introduced a new model of its Racor fuel conditioning module (RFCM) developed for application in any diesel fuel injection system. The RFCM combines a fuel filter/water separator, an electric fuel pump, and electric fuel heater and a water sensing system in a single unit, the rationale being that all low pressure components are combined in one package, thereby reducing service requirements. Durability seems to be a key design feature. The fuel pump at the heart of the unit, a roller-cell electric fuel pump capable of consistent fuel pressure and delivery regardless of engine speed, and the valve regulating fuel system pressure have both been chosen for their durability. A thermostatically controlled PTC style electric fuel heater is also fitted as standard, and the cartridge style element is incinerable. The RFCM may be used with all fuel injection systems – high pressure common rail, unit injector, unit pump, and hydraulic electronic unit injector.