German company MAN Turbo has staked its claim in the green energy sector with EUR100 million-worth of orders for steam turbines to be used at solar thermal, biomass and waste-to-energy facilities.

Under a landmark order from Abu Dhabi’s Masdar Future Energy Company, MAN Turbo is to supply a 125 MW steam turbine for the Shams 1 solar power plant. The $400 million project is being developed near Medinat Sayed about 150 km from Abu Dhabi and the steam turbine will be the largest ever used in a CSP plant.

MAN Turbo has demonstrated the efficiency of its steam turbines in two CSP plants in Spain. The parabolic trough power plants Andasol 3 in Andalusia and the Ibersol plant in the southwestern section of the Iberian peninsula both use 50 MW MAN steam turbines.