A major review of the UK genset market for units up to 750 kVA has been published by AMA Research. It analyses the market size, key trends, product mix, market shares and customer and distribution channels. The report is priced at £545. (AMA, +44 (O)1242 235724, Ama.research@virgin.net).

The manufacturing sector is characterised by a small number of large companies, mainly American owned, and many small independent companies. The total market (year 2000) is estimated to be worth £150 m at manufacturers’ sales prices. Overall, trends imply a positive level of underlying growth for the UK market which is forecast to increase to around 7-8 per cent per annum from 2002 to 2005, corresponding to net real growth of 4-5 per cent.

It is likely that the UK genset industry will continue to be motivated by exports to countries which are in either the primary or secondary stages of development, or are undergoing severe power shortages.

It is forecast that expansion of the UK market will be driven by generally increasing electrical load, expansion of rental generator opportunities, construction activity, and in the medium to long term, a resumption of limited growth in the mobile telecoms industry. Market influences reported include trends in the major end-use sectors such as industrial/manufacturing, construction, oil and gas, water and sewage, marine, and domestic and leisure. Whilst some sectors are growing, others are stable or declining. Macro effects include influences impacting on diesel and gas engine driven combined heat and power. Whilst there has been official encouragement for adopting CHP the take-up has been relatively slow.