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RWE and Neptune Energy join forces in H2 initiative

RWE and Neptune Energy have signed a Joint Development Agreement to develop the offshore green hydrogen demonstration project “H2opZee” ahead of 2030.

COWI contracted for Empire Wind project

COWI, a prominent international engineering consulting group, has been awarded its largest offshore wind engineering contract to date in the USA

Macron sets out plan for French nuclear renaissance

Following the announcement in November last year of a radical change in national policy, French president Emmanuel Macron has outlined the country’s nuclear generation plans in some detail.

Using offshore wind transmission for grid support

For the first time in Britain, a transmission asset primarily intended for an offshore wind farm is also to be employed to produce reactive power to provide grid support to the wider network.

GE to sell part of Steam Power nuclear business to EDF

GE and EDF signed an exclusive agreement on 10 February under which EDF will acquire part of GE Steam Power’s nuclear power activities. The proposed transaction would bring GE’s nuclear steam turbine technology and services expertise to EDF, strengthening its commitment to the nuclear power sector, and creating ‘an industry-leading global steam turbine equipment and services provider within EDF Group’. Today, GE Steam Power’s nuclear steam turbines are installed in half of the world’s NPPs, including all EDF’s nuclear plants in France.

Generators in Texas fill the cold snap gap

The very cold weather and icy conditions in Texas early in February increased heating demand for electricity across the state. Power plants and electric generators in the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) – the grid operator for most of the state – increased output to meet elevated demand during the storm. Unlike February 2021, when extreme cold disrupted the supply of electricity in Texas and left millions without power, generators maintained fuel supplies and avoided widespread power outages, reports the US Energy Information Administration.

Market volatility is impacting renewables PPAs – report

The energy market turmoil of the fourth quarter of 2021 is leading to fundamental changes in the renewable energy power purchase agreement market. That is according to the ‘European PPA Market Outlook 2022’ report published today by Pexapark, a specialist in software and advisory services for renewable energy sales.

‘Black blades on wind turbines may reduce bird kill’ – new research

The province of Groningen in the Netherlands and energy company RWE are investigating whether painting a wind turbine blade black will help reduce the number of bird victims. This is to be carried out in collaboration with other authorities and private parties, including Vattenfall.

RWE signs agreement to build Thor offshore wind farm

On 25 January RWE has signed a concession agreement with the Danish Energy Agency (Energistyrelsen) which grants the right to construct and operate the Thor offshore wind farm for 30 years. With a planned capacity of around 1000 MW Thor will be Denmark’s largest offshore wind farm to date. It will be built off the Danish west coast and is scheduled to reach full operation in 2027.

First micro-nuclear PP for Alaska

Copper Valley Electric Association, located in Glennallen, Alaska is collaborating with Ultra Safe Nuclear Corporation, headquartered in Seattle, to determine the feasibility of building the first commercial installation of a micro modular nuclear reactor energy system in Alaska. The study is designed to determine the technical feasibility, social acceptance, location, cost, and operating specifics of what is projected to be a 10 MW ‘micro facility’ utilising what is being called innovative advanced nuclear technology. If results are favourable, this will be the first deployment of a civilian microreactor in Alaska.