GE’s 100th trailer-mounted TM2500 aeroderivative gas turbine “power plant on wheels”, the first of whicih was made10 years ago, has rolled off the production line at its facility in Veresegyház, Hungary, one of two sites where GE manufactures TM2500 packages; the other is the GE Jacintoport manufacturing facility located outside of Houston, Texas.

Darryl Wilson, president and CEO of aeroderivative gas turbines for GE Power & Water, commented: “This unit, one of 16 packaged in our Hungary facility, will join a growing fleet that is well suited for providing a base load bridge to permanent power or for generating backup power supporting natural disaster relief, plant shutdowns or equipment maintenance. It also can play a vital role in helping customers overcome generation constraints such as hydropower shortages.”

The TM2500 is the portable version of the LM2500 aeroderivative GT, which has been the backbone of the global fleet since it was unveiled in 1969. GE’s most recent version, the TM2500+, was enhanced in 2010 to provide more power output, in a more compact footprint – two trailers instead of four – with improved interconnection designed for faster installation and set-up. It can be installed in a few days, and providing up to 31 MWe, due to its unique roll-on, roll-off capabilities for air, ship or road transportation. It offers multi-fuel flexibility and can reach full power in less than 10 minutes. It is capable of achieving NOx emissions down to 25 ppm with water injection. Operating on natural gas at ISO baseload conditions, it runs at an efficiency of 37 percent at 60 Hz and 35 percent at 50 Hz with water injection for NOx control.