The 184 MW power plant in Moa, Cuba, one of the largest projects designed and commissioned by MAN Diesel & Turbo in the Caribbean region, was recently inaugurated by the Cuban vice president Comandante Ramiro Valdez. Located very close to the sea coast near Moa city, about 900 km southeast of Havana, the diesel powered plant will supply approximately 270 000 Cuban households with electrical energy. Moa is an industrial city with many open Nickel mines located at Cuba’s north-east coast.
MAN Diesel & Turbo supplied basic and detail engineering, procurement of all equipment, and supervision of installation and commissioning for the construction of the new generating station. It consists of ten gensets powered by MAN 18V 48/60B engines rated at 18.4 MW each and will run parallel to the grid in base-load mode under normal operation. MAN Diesel & Turbo also supplied the fire detection and firefighting as well as the air conditioning system, electrical equipment and control system.
The power plant is owned by Energoimport, the Cuban agency responsible for the procurement and importation to Cuba of all electricity-related components and services. It runs on HFO fuel supplied by barge to two bulk tanks located at the city’s port which is 12 km from the plant. HFI is then transferred through a pipeline to the power plant ‘tank farm’.