The 800 MW plant, owned by Iberdrola Generacion uses two Frame 9FB gas turbines, one GE D11 steam turbine, three 330H generators and two heat recovery steam generators. Design validation testing of the 9FBs began in September and recently concluded.

William Cooney, thermal product line leader for GE Energy said: “One of the world’s most advanced air-cooled 50-hertz gas turbines, the 9FB is the latest evolutionary step for GE’s F technology.”

Using natural gas, the GE 209FB system for the Arcos Group III project is rated at 58% combined-cycle efficiency. The gas turbines are equipped with GE’s advanced, Dry Low NOx2+ combustion systems and will limit NOx emissions to 25 parts per million.

In addition to the Arcos project, located between Sevilla and the Campo de Gibraltar, Iberdrola also has selected GE’s 9FB technology for the 800 MW Escombreras combined-cycle plant under construction in Murcia, Spain.