Steam turbine manufacturer Doosan Škoda Power is to supply a 15 MW steam turbine including accessories for a planned chemical plant in Emet, Turkey. 

The Etimaden EMET sulphuric acid production plant is being built in Emet in Kütahya Province, Turkey. The factory will be in continuous operation for 330 days a year and the steam turbine will generate electricity from residual heat for both the plant’s own operation and the surrounding area. Doosan Škoda Power will supply all accessories along with the turbine itself and the company’s engineers will also supervise assembly of the unit at the construction site.

“The project entails a standard steam turbine with accessories but with an atypical delivery deadline. We have 12 months from the date of signing the contract to supply the unit to the construction site,” says project manager Lucie Franková. 

The design and engineering work and material procurement are currently underway. The first delivery, which included foundation bolts and other built-in components, was sent to Turkey at the end of February. Doosan Škoda Power has already received a rotor forging from its supplier, which is scheduled to reach the construction site along with other components by September this year.