Abengoa has been selected by NSP Maritime Link Inc, a subsidiary of Emera Inc, to build 400 km of overhead  power transmission lines for the Maritime Link project in Canada. The contract is valued at approximately US $155 million.
The work includes the development of several overhead transmission lines. On the island of Newfoundland, Abengoa will develop approximately 160 km of 230 kV AC transmission line from the Granite Canal substation to the Bottom Brook substation; 142 km of 200 kV HVDC from Bottom Brook to Cape Ray and 23 km of 5 kV grounding line from Bottom Brook Converter station to Indian Head. In Nova Scotia, the company will build 46 km of 200 kV HVDC transmission line from Point Aconi to the Woodbine substation and 41 km of 5 kV grounding line from the Woodbine Converter station to Big Lorraine. The project as a whole is expected to take approximately two years to complete.
Abengoa says that about 200 jobs will be created over the construction period of the Maritime Link Project which is part of a plan to enable the transmission of hydroelectric energy from dams in Newfoundland and Labrador to Nova Scotia, to improve the environment and reduce dependence on fossil fuels in Atlantic Canada. This project will for the first time connect the island of Newfoundland, through a 170 km subsea cable, with Nova Scotia and the North American electricity system.