Aggreko has added rental solar to its offerings. The 1 MW PV solution is optimised for weak or off-grid applications and is delivered without long-term financial or technical commitment for the customer.

It can be contracted on a rental basis, with no upfront CAPEX required, and a deployment time of three to four months. The system is said to have low O&M requirements, and is well suited for use in harsh and remote environments. Contract durations start at five years, which provides great flexibility should business operations or market conditions change.

The system integrates with the company’s battery storage products and thermal generators. All three assets are managed by intelligent software using one control system. 

The PV panels feature a single-axis tracking system, which enables a more stable and predictable yield curve and increasing the amount of energy delivered by 10 to 20 % without exceeding the maximum PV power penetration. The system is said to deliver greater reliability and resilience with reduced installation time, by combining PV string inverters with containerised controls, 

Aggreko has successfully installed its system at the Granny Smith gold mine in Western Australia. It is powered by more than 23 000 solar panels, supported by a 2 MW/1 MWh battery system and Aggreko’s existing 27 MW gas fired power station. The innovative power solution should reduce the mine’s fuel consumption by 10-13%.