Aggreko has expanded its presence in Mozambique with a contract to supply interim power to the Moma Mineral Sands mine.

The temporary power specialist will provide 10 MW to the Moma facility, which is located in the north east of Mozambique and which is owned and operated by Ireland’s Kenmare Resources.

The Aggreko solution will be synchronised with the local electricity grid and will supplement grid supplies during period of peak demand. This will include providing full prime power around the clock during peak summer months and peaking power during evening hours.

"By combining a stand-alone Aggreko plant with our supply from the local grid we are ensuring a continuous power supply to the Moma facility," said Michael Carvill, Managing Director, Kenmare Resources. "This gives us sufficient power to run our operations and ensure minimal disruption caused by unstable grid supply, particularly during the summer months."

Photo: Dredge mining at Moma (Courtesy Kenmar Resources)