Alstom Grid and Power Grid Corporation of India have inaugurated the world’s first 1200 kV double knee type disconnector. It has been supplied by Alstom‘s Padappai manufacturing plant in southern India and will be installed at PGCIL’s 1200 kV national test station, located in Bina in Madhya Pradesh.

The innovative technology used for this new double knee type disconnector enables this type of equipment to achieve the highest voltage levels yet. It becomes a major component in the company’s integrated ‘Supergrid’ offering, and is regarded by Alstom as a technological breakthrough, a major step forward following the inauguration of its 1200 kV capacitor voltage transformer and optical current transformer in the 1200 kV national test station. The 1200 kV optical current transformer, from its COSI range, was unveiled in September 2012. PGCIL’s test station will facilitate field testing of 1200 kV equipment prior to the deployment of India’s ultra high voltage AC transmission system.

Alstom Grid is the world’s biggest disconnector maker, with ten production facilities in seven countries, and has delivered and installed over 140,000 units in more than 130 countries around the world. The double knee type disconnector (the term double knee type refers to the opening and closing movement of the mechanism, both vertically and horizontally – the product is also known as a semi-pantograph disconnector) is unique as it does not require any special tools for its adjustment. It is also said to be easy to install and adjust, with low maintenance and high level of reliability owing to its lifetime-greased parts and corrosion-free construction materials.

Grégoire Poux-Guillaume, Alstom Grid president, said: ‘This project represents an important milestone for Alstom Grid – Alstom is proud to partner with PowerGrid to build tomorrow’s 1200 kV level transmission products and solutions’.