Fortum Kraft AB of Sweden has placed an order with Alstom Power for the delivery of a high-voltage Powerformer generator, the fourth to be sold by the company. The Powerformer will be installed at the Höljebro hydro-electric facility on the Ljusnan River near Söderhamn. The installation is part of an upgrade of the plant, which dates from the 1930s, and should be completed by June 2001. Fortum Kraft, formerly known as Stora Enso Energy, will save $1.7 million through the installation in reduced maintenance costs. It has a power rating of 25 MVA and generates at 80 kV, outputting directly to the transmission network.

•A Powerformer at Eskilstuna, Sweden, has operated at 136 kV in running tests and 177 kV in overexcitation, a record.