Alstom Grid has been awarded a €23 million contract to supply the first 500 kV substation for Empresa de Energía de Bogotá (EEB) in Columbia.  The substation will be located at Gachanzipa, 30 km north from Bogota, the capital city. It will connect the Hydro Sogamoso power plant to Bogota, and is intended to improve the reliability of the city’s energy system. The project is due to be completed by mid-2017.
The substation is essential to support the national programme of energy improvement in Colombia, which focuses on projects that will reduce power loss and meet the environmental standards of the country.
Alstom will deliver the 500 kV substation as a turnkey operation to include design, civil works construction, erection and commissioning. Part of the solution offered is Alstom’s air-insulated switchgear comprising live tank circuit breakers, disconnectors and instrument transformers. This equipment has a proven track record of performance under high altitude, heavy pollution and seismic zone restrictions.
Alstom and EEB have developed several turnkey substations in Colombia during the last 15 years. Alstom Colombia has been responsible for the supply of turnkey substations and equipment to important power plants in the country, such as El Quimbo and Ituango.