Aquila Capital has acquired Project Valhalla, one of the largest wind farm ventures in Europe. The project will consist of 85 Vestas V136 4.2 MW turbines, a total installed capacity of 357 MW, with an energy output of more than 1.1 TWh/y when completed. It is located on two sites in Tönsen and Åmot-Lingbo in the Bollnäs and Ockelbo municipalities of Sweden. The average wind speed in the area is approximately 7.2 m/s at the turbines’ hub height, resulting in a high capacity factor of more than 36%.
OX2 is the vendor and is assigned to build the project and deliver it on a turnkey basis. Construction work will begin immediately. The wind farm site is north-west of Stockholm in a region with high-energy demand from corporate and industrial customers. The wind farm output is to be via a long-term power purchase agreement with an as yet undisclosed buyer.
With the acquisition of Valhalla, Aquila Capital has increased its RE management portfolio in Europe to over 2300 MW.
Roman Rosslenbroich, CEO and Co-Founder of Aquila Capital said: “Wind energy investments in the Nordic region are getting more and more attractive and this project is especially remarkable due to the technical dimension and its performance features.”