Bahrain’s Electricity and Water Authority (EWA) is aiming to achieve operational excellence in its transmission and distribution (T&D) sector by undertaking an 18-month project with KEMA.

EWA has commissioned KEMA to optimise maintenance and operating processes in the T&D network, which comprises 5000 distribution stations, 80 high voltage stations, 8000 km of underground cable and 450 km of high voltage overhead lines.

A significant part of the project will include implementation of KEMA’s Cascade system, an equipment health-based asset management IT system. The EWA project is the first application of Cascade in the Middle East.

KEMA also will provide a comprehensive inventory and condition assessment of all of EWA’s T&D equipment, including revision of all asset-related business processes and definition of adequate maintenance programmes. In addition, KEMA will audit and review safety, staffing skills, required training and address organizational issues.

KEMA will focus on the implementation of the asset management support tool and programs in the revised business processes.