Filippo Abba’ has resigned as CEO of Ansaldo Energia. The Board of directors, meeting on 28 February, accepted his resignation and ‘thanked him for his work at a difficult time for the market.’ Abba’ has resigned for personal reasons and ‘with a view to accepting new professional opportunities.’
The Board then delegated powers to the new managing director Giuseppe Zampini, a move proposed by shareholders CDP Equity and Shanghai Electric. Zampini has resigned as chairman, the position being taken over by Guido Rivolta, managing director and general manager of CDP Equity and an Ansaldo Energia director since 2014. Guido Rivolta will have powers to define the Company’s strategy and to maintain relations with the shareholders.
Giudo Rivolta has worked in CDP Group since 2012. Zampini served as managing director of the company from 2001 to 2016, during which period he led the recovery, relaunch and internationalisation of Ansaldo Energia, transforming the Genoa-based company into a global player in the power generation market.
The term of the Board with this new structure will expire at the time of the general shareholders meeting to approve the 2018 financial statements. This transition will allow the company to continue to carry on seamlessly with its twin goals of pursuing efficiency improvement, and seeking out opportunities in an increasingly competitive market.