Alstom and Drax have announced that industrial gases supplier BOC will join them as a co-developer on the 426 MW oxy-fired carbon capture and storage (CCS) project currently under development at the Drax site in North Yorkshire. BOC brings its expertise and a prominent technology base in the field of air separation, as well as complementary plant engineering and integration capabilities from its parent The Linde Group, that the partners expect will enhance the deliverability of the project.

The project will link into the Humber Cluster CO2 transport and off-shore storage network currently under development by National Grid. The key partners in this industry initiative represent Europe’s strongest-ever industrial alliance to fast-track the commercialisation of CCS technologies.

The project is a candidate for NER-300 funding, following the submission of the project by the UK DECC Office of Carbon Capture and Storage to the EU process in May 2011. The developers further intend to apply for support under the upcoming UK DECC CCS Demonstration Programme. The completed project aims to demonstrate the technical and commercial viability of CCS as a competitive low-carbon technology and an important part of the post 2020 energy mix in the UK.