Centrica plc has announced plans to build several new power generating facilities after securing a series of 15-year agreements in the UK’s latest capacity market auction.

The company has been awarded capacity market agreements starting in October 2020 for a 49 MW battery storage facility, two 50 MW distributed generation gas-fired power plants, and a 370 MW combined cycle gas turbine plant.

Construction of the plants will start in spring 2017, Centrica said. The battery energy storage facility will be built in Cumbria, north-west England, and will be one of the largest of its kind in the world. It will have the ability to respond to fluctuations in demand in under a second.

Centrica said that the two fast-response distributed generation plants will use gas engine technology and will be built at Brigg, in Lincolnshire. They are among a large number of small-scale, fast response ‘car park’ power plants being built around the UK to meet the need for flexible generation.

Centrica will build the 370 MW combined cycle power plant at the site of its former Kings Lynn facility in Norfolk.

The latest capacity market auction awarded contracts for just over 52 GW of electricity for delivery in 2020/21, including over 3 GW of storage. The clearing price for the auction was £22.50/kW.