Clean Power Hydrogen, the UK-based green hydrogen technology and manufacturing group that has developed the IP-protected ‘Membrane-Free Electrolyser’ (MFE), has announced that following an extensive testing and commissioning process it has run the entire MFE110 system, successfully producing separated hydrogen and oxygen gases at its expected capacity, and witnessed by a third party customer. The creation of separated gases marks a key milestone for the company, proving the differentiated technology works at scale. The MFE110 contains four 125KW stacks, the same size as stacks that will be used for the commercial versions.

Final tests will start following re-evaluation and control rectification, and upon successful completion, the MFE110 will be shipped to Northern Ireland Water’s site where it will undergo site validation, integration and commissioning before beginning commercial production of hydrogen and medical grade oxygen.

Jon Duffy, CEO of Clean Power Hydrogen commented: “[This development] marks a first very important step for CPH2. We are constantly evolving and improving our technology and look forward to finalising the Factory Acceptance Testing of the MFE110 in collaboration with our customer, which will mark the commercialisation of our ground-breaking hydrogen technology. We look forward to updating shareholders in due course following the completion of the FAT testing and delivery to Northern Ireland Water.”