On 21 March Invenergy and GE Renewable Energy announced commercial operations for the 998 MW Traverse Wind Energy Centre, the largest wind farm constructed in a single phase in North America.

Traverse consists of 356 of GE’s 2 MW platform turbines and is the largest of three wind energy projects collectively known as the North Central Energy Facilities. Located in north central Oklahoma, Traverse joins the operational 199 MW Sundance Wind Energy Centre and the 287 MW Maverick Wind Energy Centre as the last of three projects developed by Invenergy for American Electric Power to reach commercial operation. These projects comprise the North Central Energy Facilities and have 531 GE turbines with a combined capacity of 1484 MW, making them collectively among the largest wind energy facilities globally.

The North Central Energy Facilities represent a $2 billion capital investment in north central Oklahoma, directly investing in the local economy through new tax revenues and lease payments to participating landowners. AEP’s subsidiaries Southwestern Electric Power Company (SWEPCO) and Public Service Company of Oklahoma (PSO) assumed ownership of the three wind farms at the start of commercial operations. Invenergy Services will provide O & M and balance of plant services under a 10-year agreement.