Cormetech has been selected for an award from the US Department of Energy Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management, and the National Energy Technology Laboratory, to advance carbon capture technology by increasing the amount of CO2 captured in direct air capture (DAC) operations. 

Cormetech plans to further develop its DAC ‘contactor’, which is the engine of its DAC system. Air is moved through the contactor and CO2 is selectively adsorbed onto it. The improved contactor will maximise the amount of CO2 captured from the atmosphere, while reducing the amount of energy needed to operate.

The  following quote is from the DOE funding announcement on 15 June:

“Across the USA, in states like Arizona and North Carolina, brilliant innovators are developing direct air capture technologies that can extract carbon dioxide straight out of the air” said secretary of Energy Jennifer M. Granholm. “These DOE investments, and the ones we will make with president Biden’s American Jobs Plan, are crucial to advancing technology that will help us avoid the worst effects of climate change and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.”

Cormetech’s CEO Mike Mattes commented “This award will allow us to continue developing CO2 capture technology with amine-based adsorbers in direct air capture systems … we have demonstrated the technical feasibility of capturing CO2 directly from the air with our adsorbers, and this award will allow us to accelerate the development and improve the CO2 capture rates.”