A significant feature of the biennial six-day Cigre Paris Session, being held live this year for the first time since 2018, is the ‘large disturbance’ workshop, a collaboration among Cigre study committees that examine power system operation, electricity markets and regulation.

The workshop, to be held this year on the afternoon of 29 August, reviews recent system and market events in order to help understand precursors and root causes, and to examine what has been done to prevent recurrence. The workshop usually examines six to eight recent disturbances around the world. In the past it has included blackouts in India, Australia and Texas. It has also included discussion of events that did not result in blackouts, such as the European system separation of January 2021 and the PJM polar vortex event. Other topics have included ‘market events’, for example in the USA, Brazil and New Zealand, where the system operated successfully but the markets damaged or bankrupted participants.

This workshop is one of seven at this year’s Paris Session, which runs from 28 August to 2 September. The other topics are: standardisation of cybersecurity in power utility digital infrastructures; extra-long transnational transmission lines; instabilities in IBR (inverter based resources) dominated power systems; SF6 alternatives; blockchain; and knowledge transfer of substation engineering and experience.

The 2022 Paris Session will also include over 800 technical papers, a record for the event, plus fully subscribed exhibition.