Innovatec, an Italian energy efficiency services business, has formed a partnership with Dulas to provide energy management services for high energy users looking to reduce their energy demand and develop off-grid renewable energy projects.

Dulas, a UK-based developer of renewable energy projects, says that there is a growing demand in the country for services aimed at helping large businesses make cost-effective energy savings.

However, with changing market conditions and the removal of clean energy support mechanisms, businesses in the utility, agricultural and industrial sectors need to reconsider how they consume energy and what their best options are for reducing demand and developing on-site generation.

"Traditional approaches to finding efficiencies for high energy users still have room for optimisation,’ said Alistair Marsden, Sales Director, Dulas. "High energy users really need to start at the beginning by understanding and controlling energy usage, before installing a large scale rooftop solar project or wind turbine. If on-site clean energy supplies are deployed, and then overall power consumption is reduced, ultimately the renewable energy investment loses its value."

The joint venture, known as the Intelligent Energy Management Service, will enable business in energy intensive industries to employ cost-saving energy efficiency methods to create a new demand side profile. Only when this profile is fully understood will renewable energy options be considered and deployed.

By introducing this integrated approach, the service will provide businesses with an intelligent and adaptive system that enables them to predict long-term power use, and subsequently de-risk a large percentage of future energy costs.

"Once on-site power consumption is fully understood, then it’s appropriate to start looking at adjustments and incremental improvements in energy efficiency," added Marsden. "On-site generation is really the final piece of the puzzle, once that initial analysis has been undertaken.

"As much of Europe moves into a post-subsidy landscape, we have to look at new ways of delivering renewable energy projects that provide value for their end users."