Germany utlity E.On has completed construction of the world’s largest wind farm, in Texas, USA. The company says that this event marks a major milestone in the company’s renewable energy development plan.

The 780 MW facility in Roscoe, Texas, consists of 627 wind turbines and was built in just two years. E.On now has 2600 MW of wind capacity installed around the world, 1500 MW of which is located in the USA.

“The completion of Roscoe is a major success for our team and another milestone in the development of renewables in our power generation portfolio,” said Frank Mastiaux, CEO of E.ON Climate & Renewables, which operates a total of 2800 MW of renewable energy capacity around the world.

The Roscoe wind farm is equipped with turbines from Siemens, GE and Mitsubishi and covers an area of 400 km2. It was built in four phases and can generate enough electricity for 230 000 homes, according to E.On.

America’s long-term energy policy and fiscal incentives make the country a target for major renewable energy players such as E.On. The company is currently planning wind power projects with a total capacity of 6 GW in the USA.

“With large-scale projects like Roscoe we are helping renewables to achieve a faster breakthrough in economic and technological terms,” said Mastiaux. “For this purpose we will invest €8 billion worldwide up to 2011. Our aim is to reach a capacity of 10 000 MW in 2015.

“North America is one of the most attractive markets for renewables worldwide, especially for onshore wind plants.”