The EBRD is considering lending its support for the development, construction and finance of three onshore wind farms in Poland.

Quadran International has approached the bank for senior loans to support the construction of three onshore wind farms – Udanin, Parzeczew and Wrzesnia – with a combined capacity of 68 MW, as well as the purchase of two operable onshore wind farms with a combined capacity of 106 MW.

According to the EBRD, the projects will help to boost Poland’s renewable energy capacity and support its climate mitigation goals.

In addition, it will support the entry of a new player into Poland’s renewable energy market, it added.

France-based Quadran International is majority-owned by Lucia Holding with over 200 MW of renewable energy in operations and 680 MW of secured assets over four continents.Its subsidiary, Quadran Polska was awarded 85 MW of wind and solar PV capacity in Poland’s renewable energy auction in November 2018.

EBRD is aiming to make a decision on the loan application in late November 2019.