EDF has created EDF EPR Engineering UK, a move designed to strengthen its nuclear engineering presence in the United Kingdom and ‘optimise its project performance’. The new company is a 100% subsidiary of Edvance, which is itself a subsidiary of EDF and Framatome.

It has almost 600 employees, incorporating teams already present in the UK provided by the EDF Group – EDF SA, Framatome, Edvance and EDF Energy – and its partners. Their core task is to contribute to the delivery of engineering studies for the project to build two EPR units at the Hinkley Point C site. The new subsidiary will provide support for technical decision-making at all project stages and during operations.

The formation of the company takes place against the backdrop of a UK nuclear renaissance following government’s recent call for investment in the project to build new nuclear reactors at the Sizewell site. EDF’s aim is to capitalise more effectively on the knowledge acquired during the UK EPR construction project, while placing skills on a sustainable footing at a broader level within the Group. 

Xavier Ursat, EDF Group senior executive VP, New Nuclear Projects and Engineering, commented: “Through the creation of EDF EPR Engineering UK, we are boosting our support for the UK nuclear programme, and providing an excellent framework for knowledge capitalisation for all future EPR projects.”