Edison is to build a natural gas fired combined cycle power plant in Presenzano, in Caserta province, Italy. The new plant will have a total capacity of about 760 MW and will “adopt the best technology currently available”, resulting in an expected thermal efficiency of 63% and a reduction in CO2 emissions of 40% compared to the average among Italian thermoelectric power plants. A high environmental performance is aimed at, to guarantee a reduction of more than 60% in nitrogen oxide (NOX) emissions compared to current combined cycle plants of the same size. The total investment is €370 million.

The power island will consist of a high-efficiency 505 MW, GT36 H class gas turbine developed by Ansaldo Energia, a heat recovery steam generator and a 255 MW steam turbine.

Construction is scheduled to start in early 2020, with an expected construction time of 30 months.

"The electricity system is faced with a challenge at present. We need to promote intermittent and, at the same time, guarantee safety and flexibility to the national electricity system and competitiveness to companies in our country” commented Edison CEO Nicola Monti.

“The project will make a significant contribution to the stability and balancing of the national electricity system” commented Marco Stangalino, executive vp of Edison Power Asset. “The Presenzano … power plant, with its hi-tech features in terms of innovation and sustainability, will be the most efficient in Europe, on a par with the twin project of Marghera Levante.”

An average of 500 people will be involved in building the plant, in addition to those employed by associated industries during construction. In 1992, Edison was the first developer in Italy to introduce CCGT technology powered by natural gas.