Poland’s Energy Regulatory Office has issued Enefit, a subsidiary of Eesti Energia, with a permit to trade electricity and natural gas.

Enefit says it will focus on selling energy to small and medium-scale businesses and larger industrial clients in Poland.

The strategy is part of a wider initiative by Estonia-based Eesti Energia to grow from being a solely Baltic energy firm to a company selling energy and services throughout the whole Baltic Sea region.

“We have been successfully operating in Latvia and Lithuania for more than ten years and have secured a leading position in the Baltic energy market,” said Karla Agan, head of energy sales, Eesti Energia. “On the basis of this experience, we believe that we will also succeed in Poland.”

In Poland, Enefit will sell electricity and natural gas that has been bought from energy stock exchange. In addition to the sale of energy, it will also provide consultations and additional services related to energy. “We are contributing towards the creation of long-term partnerships in Poland. We see that there is space on the Polish market for an energy seller who offers products that are relevant to the needs of clients as well as a high-quality personal service,” added Agan.

The annual volume of the Polish power market is more than 161 TWh, which is more than six times bigger than the total Baltic market of 25 TWh. Its gas market is four times larger, at over 166 TWh/year.