The commissioning of two concentrating solar power (CSP) power plants in Spain has added 100 MW to the country’s renewable energy generating capacity.

Abengoa and its partner JGC Corporation have brought the Solacor 1 and 2 plants at the El Carpio solar complex on line. Abengoa will operate the two plants and will maintain a 74 per cent holding in both projects.

The two power plants each have a generating capacity of 50 MW and are based on parabolic trough technology. Together they contain 121 000 mirrors and cover an area of over 220 hectares.

Abengoa now has 543 MW of CSP capacity in operation, as well as 960 MW under construction in various parts of the world. The Spanish firm says that the location of the El Carpio solar complex, in Cordoba, Spain, provides excellent solar radiation.

Solacor 1 started commercial operation on February 1, 2012, with Solacor 2 reaching that point around six weeks later.