Two will be gas-fired CCGTs, built in Lelystad, the other will be a co-fired coal and biomass power station on the Maasvlakte in Rotterdam.

The two CCGT power stations, which will have a capacity of between 400 MW and 450 MW, could replace the two old Flevoland power stations. A decision on the two stations is expected in mid-2006 with the first station on stream in early 2009, the second a few years later.

A decision on the co-fired plant in Rotterdam, with a maximum capacity of 600 MW to 800 MW, is expected during 2007, with the plant to be operational in 2011-2012.

The news follows the recent announcement that Electrabel is to invest €150 million in the Amercoeur station in Belgium to convert the plant into a CCGT unit, boosting capacity from 130 MW to 420 MW. Construction is scheduled to start near the end of 2006 and commissioning is set for the start of 2009.