E.ON has acquired a 100 % stake in the Swedish company Coromatic. The company is a leading provider of critical infrastructure in the Nordic region, specialising in helping customers ensure data communication and power supply to critical installations by providing solutions that deliver emergency power and uninterrupted power supply.

Coromatic has more than 5000 customers in the Nordic region, among them 60 % of the Nordic region's 100 largest companies, operating in a number of industries such as data centres, healthcare, public sector, transport, industry, telecom, finance and retail. The company is based in Stockholm and has approximately 500 employees.

Critical infrastructures are an attractive future market for E.ON. In a digitising society, the growth in data centres increases the demands on reliability and security of supply. As a single second of interrupted power can cause two days spent restarting the systems in a data centre, the demand for uninterrupted power supply has increased.

“The acquisition is an important step towards becoming a leading energy solutions company. A future with smart buildings, artificial intelligence, and the internet of things means that the need for electricity and uninterrupted power supply will only increase. Coromatic as a leader in its field has an exciting growth plan, and I see promising opportunities for us to jointly create new and innovative solutions for customers across various industries”, commented Karsten Wildberger, member of the E.ON board.

Coromatic continues to be an independent subsidiary and will run its business under its own brand and with current management.