Czech-based power company Energeticky a Prumyslovy Holding (EPH) has confirmed its plans to build new gas-fired power generating capacity at the Kilroot power plant in Northern Ireland after securing a capacity market contract.

The company announced it secured a ten-year contract for new capacity in the latest T-4 capacity market auction “meaning that new, flexible, low carbon gas generation can be developed on the Kilroot site”.

A spokesperson for EPH added: “‘This will ensure the transition towards low carbon generation as well as protecting security and stability of supply for Northern Ireland through the continuation of indigenous generation.”

EPH bought the 520 MW oil- and coal-fired Kilroot plant as well as the Ballylumford power station from AES in June 2019.

It also secured contracts for its existing CCGT and OCGT units at Ballylumford and OCGT units at Kilroot in the capacity market auction.