Eskom has started a process to procure up to 1.4 GWh of energy storage, it has confirmed.

The South African utility says that it is preparing to launch a tender for the supply and installation of large-scale battery energy storage systems across the country.

The move follows an announcement by Eskom in 2018 that it would procure battery-based energy storage capacity to support the integration of renewable energy and enhance network stability.

The tender will be split into two phases, with an initial 200 MW/800 MWh to be built by December 2020 across eight sites.

The second phase will aim to procure up to ten sites hosting 160 MW/640 MWh, with installation by the end of 2021, Eskom said. This phase will also include 60 MW of solar PV capacity integrated with the battery storage.

Eskom has developed its own battery energy storage system specification and has completed site selection for the first phase. The winning bidder will be expected to verify Eskom’s technical studies and provide detailed designs before implementing the battery plant, the firm said.